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1 radial master cylinder
1 banjo bolt and copper seals to fix the brake fluid hoses
1 data sheet with instructions for assembly and brake system bleeding


body machined from solid ergal 7075 T6
black hard anodising
integrated brake fluid reservoir
ergonomic lever
adjustable lever position



    The showpiece of the entire COBRA production.

    With the collaboration of the best S1GP World Championship teams and riders, we developed the RADIAL FRONT BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER together with the Twin Discs Brake System, with the aim of obtaining the best performance from the whole brake line.

    The hydraulic ratio is 16x16mm, the optimum to ensure at the same time feeling and braking power, without having to hard pull the lever. Together with the Twin Discs Brake System, this feature offers the possibility to brake during a turn but also on the dirt sections of the Supermoto tracks.

    When a fall or a contact happens, the risk to damage or tear away the brake oil reservoir is always there. We have solved this trouble by designing an INTEGRATED master cylinder body with oil reservoir whole machined from solid ERGAL 7075 T6.

    Also the lever is machined from solid aluminum and it has been designed with a focus on ergonomics and lightweight.

    On the master cylinder body there is a small hole to fasten the cap of the oil reservoir, as requested by the race regulations.

    The surface finishing of all the parts is black hard anodizing.

    The kit includes:

    • 1 master cylinder
    • 1 banjo bolt and copper seals to fix the oil hoses
    • 1 data sheet with instructions for assembly and bleeding of the brake system



      Very high quality and utmost care in design and manifacturing, with less bulk and greater versatility.


      Unique and innovative
      high-end products designed, tested, and developed with the best world pilots.


      On track technical support at the main race events for the service of the entire product line, with the aim of the maximum race performance.