PZ5 Cobra was born in 2008 when Franco Portaluppi decides with Stefano Zulato to satisfy some needs deriving from the Supermoto discipline.

Franco comes from an experience long over 25 years as manufacturer of OEM parts made for the world main motorcycle brands.

In 2009 he realize his first front twin disc braking system expressly studied for the Supermoto and in the next months also hubs, triple clamps, master cylinders, slipper clutches, clutch covers, shock linkages…

In even ten years PZ5 is became the leader in manufacturing special parts for Supermoto, embarking now in the worlds of cross, enduro and rally.

Our team

  • Stefano Zulato

    Giovanni Portaluppi
    Chief Executive Officer

    Marco Ravina
    Chief Operation Officer

  • Alex Mazzucchelli
    Technical Manager

    Alberto Pavesi
    Assembly operator

    Federico Veronese
    Logistics and Invoicing

  • Andrea Gugel
    Milling Area Manager

    Andrea Anselmino
    Machine operator

    Mattia Targa
    Machine operator

    Marco Tribuzio
    Machine operator