Front fork lowers Cross/Enduro



Fork lowers from billet aluminium. Available offset 20, 26, 28 and 31mm.


Adjustable front fork lowers

Kit of front fork lowers from billet aluminium for single and twin disc brake system, with caliper axle spacing 100 or 108mm and adjustable overhang (step 1mm) +/- 3mm for an easy and right placement of the caliper with the disc. Clamps available for left and right sides.

Available offset:

– KYB Ø47: 26mm
– KYB Ø48: 26mm
– KYB Ø48 my2015: 26, 31mm
– Marzocchi Ø50: 26mm
– Ohlins Ø48: 20, 28mm
– Showa Ø48: 26mm
– Showa Ø49: 20, 28mm
– Solva Ø48: 28, 31mm
– WP Ø48: 26mm
– WP Ø48 4CS: 20, 28mm
– WP Ø48 air: 20, 26mm

Included in the kit:
– wheel axle Ø20/25mm with increased length for 200mm axle spacing
– ergal bolt
– plastic buffers Optional: pair of fork guards connections.


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