We are proud to announce that Marc Schmidt has won the Mettet Superbiker!

It’s great to collaborate and support the L30Racing team, which is accumulating more and more successes in different categories.

After having won 4 titles, the Italian Championship uphill with Lorenzo Papalini, the Italian S4 championship with Kevin Vandi and the German and International Championships of Italy with Marc Schmidt, the Victory of the prestigious Belgian race is added to the Team’s record.

So our work becomes noble, our products continue to be tested and modified to increase performance and performance in the race.

Now we have a different 2019 waiting for us. Hard. Without Franco in the workshop, but with the attitude of Franco very clear in our minds. We go forward and Marc Schmidt’s victory at Mettet has stimulated us even more.

We look forward to seeing you at EICMA 2018, Milan

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